Kenney Lab

Welcome to the Kenney Lab!

We study the molecular basis of behavior and whole-brain network function.

We're located in the heart of Detroit, MI in the Department of Biological Sciences at Wayne State University.

Lab News


Brigit joins the lab as a graduate student!

She comes to us as a certified physical therapist. Any pipetting or fish handling related injuries, see Brigit!


Our paper describing the creation of AZBA (adult zebrafish brain atlas) was recently posted to bioRxiv. This comes on the 25th anniversary of Mario Wullimann and colleagues publishing the first atlas for adult zebrafish in book form!

AZBA was started in the Frankland Lab with Patrick Steadman and continued in the Kenney Lab with Maris Polanco and some of our amazing undergraduates: Meng Ting Shi, Olivia Young, and Saba Dubaishi! We also teamed up with a world expert in zebrafish neuroanatomy, Thomas Mueller, from Kansas State University.

Don't forget to turn on the sound when listening to the video! :-)



Congratulations to Muntasir for successfully defending his MS thesis! He is the first MS student to graduate from the lab! Well done!


Congratulations to Olivia! She recently accepted an offer from the University of North Texas Health Science Center to join their PhD program in Biomedical Sciences this upcoming Fall!

We're going to miss your chameleon hair!


Maria couldn't get enough of animal behavior from BIO5080 (Cellular Basis of Animal Behavior), so has joined the lab as a (remote) undergraduate assistant!

Welcome Maria! Get ready to Zoom!


Aleksander joins the lab as a PhD student.

One helluva way to start graduate school, during a global pandemic!

Welcome! Don't forget your mask (and hand sanitizer...and not to touch your face....and sanity...)!


First paper out from the lab! A book chapter titled "Associative and non-associative learning in adult zebrafish" in the Behavioral and Neural Genetics of Zebrafish edited by Robert Gerlai.

One of the figures in the paper (below) outlines the popularity of different common animal models in the study of learning and memory. We find that zebrafish are on the rise!

Drop us a line if you'd like a copy of the chapter.


Congratulations to Neha for getting 1st prize for her poster presentation at the Wayne State Graduate Student/Postdoc research day!


Maris joins the lab, bringing her mad jellyfish skills!



The lab has been getting some nice press lately!

We're featured in the Wayne State Biology news feed.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences worked hard to put together a nice video of our work on Youtube!


Stiven joins the lab, straight outta' Bio 4690 (Cellular/Molecular Neurobiology)!

Welcome Stiven!


Daniel joins the lab.

Welcome to the world of fish!


Our light-sheet microscope has arrived from Germany, huzzah!


Olivia and Saba join the lab as undergraduate volunteers.

Welcome aboard!


Meng joins the lab as our first undergraduate!



Muntasir Rahman (@muntasirisfat) joins the lab as our first PhD student!


Our first zebrafish arrive to help establish our colony. Enough swimming, get to breeding!


Neha Rajput (@rajputneha282) joins the lab as the first student. Neha is a MS student in the Wayne State Biology Department. Welcome to the agony and ecstasy of science!


Kenney Lab in the Wayne State University Department of Biology is officially open for business!