This is a select list of recent publications from the lab.

A full list of publications can be found on Google Scholar.


Ochocki AJ & Kenney JW (2023) A gelatin-based feed for precise and non-invasive drug delivery to adult zebrafish. Journal of Experimental Biology, in press.

We describe the development of a new and improved way of administering drugs to adult zebrafish. Other methods are invasive, stressful, and/or imprecise. Our new feed-based method requires minimal manipulation of the animals and is individually tailored based on weight. These improvements are important for increasing both animal welfare and experimental reliability. Oh yea, and the fish really like it!


Rajput N, Parikh K, Kenney JW. (2022) Beyond bold versus shy: Zebrafish exploratory behavior falls into several behavioral clusters and is influenced by strain and sex. Biology Open,1(8): bio059443.

In this paper, we found that traditional descriptions of exploratory behavior (bold versus shy) do not fully capture individual differences in the behavior of adult zebrafish. Instead, we find that behavior falls into four categories: bold, shy, active explorers and wall-huggers.


Kenney JW, Steadman PE, Young O, Shi MT, Polanco M, Dubaishi S, Covert K, Mueller T, Frankland PW. A 3D adult zebrafish brain atlas (AZBA) for the digital age (2021). eLife 10:e69988

This paper describes our adult zebrafish brain atlas (AZBA: This tool opens up new avenues in the use of adult zebrafish to understand vertebrate neuroanatomy.


Kenney, JW. "Associative and non-associative learning in adult zebrafish." Behavioral and Neural Genetics of Zebrafish. Academic Press, 2020. 187-204. (pdf)

An overview of different methods and approaches to studying learning and memory in adult zebrafish. Includes data on the increasing popularity of zebrafish as an animal model for studying learning and memory.